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Tenacious Southern California Injury Lawyers Make Negligent Parties Pay

Established firm with Monterey Park and Beverly Hills offices fights for accident victims

When you’ve been hurt because of someone else’s carelessness, defendants and their insurance companies will be as tough as they can to deny you the compensation you deserve. To even the odds, you need an aggressive personal injury lawyer with a long track record of success in Southern California. At Wiseman/Hoffs, we have 50 years of combined experience seeking justice from negligent people and businesses. From offices in Monterey Park and Beverly Hills, attorneys Al Wiseman and Jesse Hoffs coordinate the entire litigation process, including communications with police officers, insurers, doctors and nurses. To get the best possible reimbursement for medical costs, lost wages and other available damages, you need a fighter. We are here for you to file claims against defendants and make them pay.

Skillful advocates provide exceptional representation and service

Don’t be afraid to assert your rights against the business or individual who has hurt you. We’ll stand up for you and give you the best chance at a positive outcome because our firm is:
  • Established — For more than three decades, plaintiffs have counted on us to undo the damage triggered by negligence and intentional misconduct. These results have led numerous colleagues and former clients to recommend us to people they know.
  • Responsive — In every case, we put your needs first by answering all of your questions and replying promptly to emails. Our attorneys and staff understand how hard it is to deal with a serious injury, so we focus on winning a result that addresses the harm you’ve suffered.
  • Knowledgeable — From the start, we’ll give you an informed assessment of the type of financial recovery you can expect. This means that you can make smart decisions about your case and work on resuming your normal life.
Starting with a free initial consultation, our lawyers focus on achieving the best possible result either at trial or through a settlement. No matter who the opponent is, we won’t yield while fighting on your behalf.
Areas of Practice

Tough litigators take on cases involving crashes, falls and medical malpractice

Throughout Southern California, our firm has earned substantial compensation for victims and their families in litigation involving:
  • Car and Motorcycle accidents — We take on insurance companies in claims arising from car and motorcycle accidents so injured drivers, passengers and pedestrians aren’t bullied into an unfair settlement.
  • Nursing home abuse — Elderly people are vulnerable to the ravages of nursing home abuse. In these matters, we hold facility owners, healthcare personnel and other liable parties accountable.
  • Medical malpractice — If you suspect that you’ve been victimized by medical malpractice, we have the experience and expert contacts to press for appropriate compensation.
  • Wrongful death — When a wrongful death occurs, we’ll initiate an action to obtain damages such as funeral costs and lost income from the responsible parties.
No matter what type of harm you’ve suffered, our seasoned attorneys will develop an effective strategy and work tirelessly to get you the payment you’re entitled to.

Contact an aggressive California personal injury lawyer for a free initial consultation

Wiseman/Hoffs represents Southern California victims in a full range of personal injury actions, including cases arising from car accidents and falls. Please call 855-494-7362 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation. Our firm has offices in Monterey Park and Beverly Hills.
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