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Dog Bites

In a city the size of Los Angeles, dog bites are a big problem. When dog owners fail to leash or otherwise restrain their dogs, adults and children can fall into harm’s way. Each year, more than 350,000 dog bite victims are seen in emergency rooms.

A dog bite/attack can be a harrowing and shocking experience. Out of nowhere, a ferocious dog comes and attacks without provocation. In addition to serious physical injuries, the pain and suffering can be enormous. Sadly, children are often the innocent victims due to the failure of dog owners to provide basic supervision of their animals.

A lot of confusion has arisen regarding these cases. It does not need to be proven that a dog has prior record of attacks, or that the bite occurred on the owner’s premises. Wiseman Hoffs knows exactly how to handle these cases.

We are very knowledgeable on the law and know how to overcome many of the defenses attorneys will employ to deny liability. Our goal is to make our clients whole through maximum monetary compensation and to get back to their normal life routine as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Don’t be one of the many victims who fail to report these incidents and seek compensation. If you are the victim of a dog bite, a human being is likely at fault.

Wiseman Hoffs can get you the compensation you deserve. CALL US. We will make them pay.

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