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Personal Injury

Getting in an accident can be a very stressful experience. In addition to pain and discomfort, there are daunting tasks to figure out:

– how to file your claim with the responsible party’s insurance company
– getting to a doctor, while at the same time keeping up with all your existing personal and work related activities.

We’re Here to Make Them Pay

Once you contact us and you retain us as your attorneys, we will engage the responsible party’s insurance company. After you have finished treatment for your injuries, your claim will be properly presented and backed up with evidence to help obtain the highest reasonable settlement.

Sometimes, cases do not settle due to an insurance company’s dispute on liability or an unreasonable assessment of the amount of your damages. In these instances, we will not hesitate to file suit on your behalf. We have handled thousands of cases similar to yours and know how to navigate the litigation process through trial.

Premises Liability

In today’s busy hustle/bustle society, stores and apartment owners often fail to make their premises safe for the public. The result can be catastrophic. Broken limbs, torn knees and even brain injuries can result from poor and negligent property management.

When an owner’s negligence causes someone’s injuries, that owner can be held liable for damages. These cases often require proving notice of the dangerous condition, or that the property owner failed to adhere to a proper maintenance schedule. As with all personal injury cases, the gathering of necessary evidence is essential to properly present your claim.

At Wiseman/Hoffs, we are experts in gathering evidence before the crucial contact is made to settle your case.

Dog Bite Cases

A dog bite/attack can be a harrowing and shocking experience. Out of nowhere, a ferocious dog comes and attacks without provocation. In addition to serious physical injuries, the pain and suffering can be enormous. Sadly, children are often are the innocent victims due to the failure of dog owners to provide basic supervision of their animals.
A lot of confusion has arisen regarding these cases. It must be proven that a dog has prior record of attacks, or that the bite occurred on the owner’s premises. Wiseman Hoffs knows exactly how to handle these cases.

We are very knowledgeable on the law and know how to overcome many of the defenses attorneys will employ to deny liability. Our goal is to make our clients whole through maximum monetary compensation and to get them back to their normal life routine as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

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